Mae Bachur  Animal Shelter

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Dogs and Puppies Available for adoption

Although we try to get all the information correct on every animal, sometimes an error is made. If you are interested in a particular animal please check with the knowledgeable staff who can give you more information about him or her.

Please come into the shelter to fill out an adoption application form if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, or download the form here.

If the dog or puppy of your choice is in a foster home, arrangements can be made to meet him or her by contacting the shelter.

There is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period when adopting an animal.

Puppy: $300

Adult Dog (1-5yr): $250

Adult Dog (6-8yr): $200

Senior Dog (+9yr): $100

Special Needs: $100

Fees include:
- neutering/spaying
- vaccinations required while
they are in shelter
- deworming





 Date Arrived  August 8, 2013
 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed  Akita
 DOB  ~2013

Hi there! I'm A.J.! I am an energetic young guy that loves to play. I have made a few friends here and play well with them. I walk well on a leash and I'm house broken. I have come a long way with my manners and I'm learning lots. I do really well with older children and would do well in a home with lots of room to run.                                                        I am currently in foster, contact the shelter for info on how to meet me.



 Date Arrived  Dec 27, 2013
 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed GSD/Rottie
 DOB  ~Dec 2010

Hi I'm Tristan. I'm super excited about meeting you! I love going for long walks to burn off my energy, all part of being a young guy! The staff are trying to crate train me for at night time, I'm not to sure how I feel about it but I'm cooperating. I like running around in the yard playing and chasing toys!

 I am currently in foster, contact the shelter for info on how to meet me.



 Date Arrived

April 22, 2014

 Sex  Female Spayed
 Breed  Rottie X
 DOB  ~2007
 I'm Daphne. I'm new to the shelter life but so far it seems nice. I like going for long walks, playing fetch in the yard and most of all I love cuddling up for some much needed snuggle time. Come on down and say hi soon!


 Date Arrived

May 6, 2014

 Sex  Female Spayed
 Breed  Husky
 DOB  ~2012
 I'm Darby. I'm an active young girl. I love to play and go for walks, but I also love snuggles and ear rubs. I would do well in an active home. How about coming down sometime to say hi.


 Date Arrived

June 9, 2014

 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed Husky Lab X
 DOB Jan 2014
I'm Sven.  I'm an active young man.  I love to meet new people and go for walks. Come on down and meet me today. 


 Date Arrived

June 14, 2014

 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed Boxer X
 DOB Dec 2013
I'm Nikolaos.  I'm an active young man. I get a long with other dogs, and I do have lots of engery to burn so I would love to go for walks. Come on down and meet me today.


 Date Arrived

June 17, 2014

 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed Husky
 DOB Dec 2012
I'm Miloo. I'm very active young man i love to play and go for walks and I get along with other dogs. Come on down and meet me today. 


 Date Arrived

June 28 , 2014

 Sex  Neutered Male
 Breed Husky
 DOB June 2013
I'm Mario. I have lots of engery to burn, would love to go on long hikes, and I get along with other dogs.  Come on down and meet me today.


 Date Arrived

July 3 , 2014

 Sex Neutered Male
 Breed LabX
 DOB June 2012
I'm Wario. I'm a very engeric young man so a home for me would be one that we do a lot of hiking and outdoor stuff. I love to play ball and go for walks.   Come on down and meet me today.


 Date Arrived

July  2 , 2014

 Sex   Female Spayed
 Breed Beardog X
 DOB  July 2012
I'm Jackie. I'm very shy young girl, so a home for me would be one with out young kids. It takes me a bit to warm up to new people so please take time to get to know me. Come on down and meet me today. 


 Date Arrived

July  7 , 2014

 Sex  Female
 Breed GSDX
 DOB  May 2014
I'm Zoey. I'm a very active young lady that loves to play and I get along with other dogs and i love to give kisses. Come on down and meet me today.